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Flexibility in Life: Work Life Balance at Zenuity

We want our People to have a good balance in life. We think flexibility in different ways is one way to achieve that! 

All Zenuitans are unique, live different lives, come from different cultures and backgrounds and value different things in life. To be an attractive and modern employer work-life flexibility is a key factor to meet individual needs.  

This month Zenuity officially launched their concept “Flexibility in Life” as innovative benefits for their employees. This is meant to support employees to maximize their professional contribution while balancing their life. The People Team (HR) at Zenuity emphasis the importance of supporting and enabling everyone’s personal and professional development by providing flexibility to choose their work-life setup. 

What does it mean in practice?

Flexible Vacation  

Zenuity wants their people to have the flexibility of planning and taking out vacation when it suits them the best. This modern way of a work-life set up values the importance of having possibility to choose when to take vacation over the year and creates a good employee experience which enable us to attract and engage people. ​

Being a multicultural company representing 47 different nationalities, we want people from different cultures to be able to travel to their home countries and take leave when most suitable.

Flexible holidays

Offering flexible holidays means that employees can choose to work on a day that is a public holiday in their employer’s country and exchange with another day of their choice. For example if people from other cultures want to celebrate their public holidays, rather than the Swedish ones.​​

The People Team at Zenuity expresses a will and openness to challenge cultural norms that are traditionally given people today. The thinking is that people should have the opportunity to celebrate holidays or other important days that really matter to them and are in accordance with their lifestyles and beliefs. Zenuity values diversity and want everyone to feel included, no matter who they are, what background they have or where they come from. By giving people the flexibility to choose this allows them to be their true selves and bring out their very best. ​

Flexibility to work part-time 

We offer people the flexibility to work part-time or take absence of leave to better combine work with other important things in life. This can be activities, hobbies or other things in life that requires a certain allocation of time. There are several important activities or commitments in life people value dedicating time on in their work-life set up. Really implementing this benefit gives people the possibility to work part time to get their lives together which leads to high engagement while at work and a good employee experience. ​

Flexible working hours – trust time 

Applying trust time means that every employee can be flexible in how they plan and distribute working hours, provided that duties, work requirements and goals are reached. With regular working time being 40 hours per week on average the idea is to create an atmosphere where the employees feel they are trusted to take ownership for their own work and working days. This is one way of showing appreciation for and providing an environment where people get their life puzzle together.

Employee Portraits: Three Examples

Orienteering and daily training (nowadays usually even double-daily!) has been part of my life for more than 10 years now. It was really important for me to find a job where I could combine my sporting and my professional career. In Zenuity I found the ideal conditions, allowing me to work part-time and flexible hours when needed, or even home-office for longer periods. Or well, I’m not sure I can call it “home” when I was recently working during my training camp in Kenya for a month!

– Sebastian Inderst  
Zenuity Sweden 

Flexibility in life means for me to be able to balance work life and my private life. Since I am a mother, it has become even more important for me to work in a company that grants a certain flexibility, e.g. for distribution of working hours, home office or even the possibility to work in a job sharing model. I really appreciate that with “flexibility in life” concept Zenuity takes here the next step in demonstrating its innovative flexible approach and proves again it’s a company with “people at heart”. I am sure that both sides – companies and employees benefit from such an approach”.  

– Sabrina Lindner  
Zenuity Germany 

As an Ironman- triathlete the flexible working hours help me plan and tailor my lifestyle. The opportunity to work part time lets me take periods away for training and racing around the world. This flexibility in life nurtures my passion for both my job at Zenuity as well as my athletic career. It makes me perform at my best and be my best in both areas”.  

– Louise Bichler 
Zenuity Sweden 

About Zenuity

ZENUITY is a pure software company with the mission of elevating people’s lives by making self-driving cars real. Self-driving cars, when real, is estimated to reduce fatal car accidents with more than 85%, saving more than 50,000 persons from dying in car accidents caused by human errors each year.  We feel that is a goal worth pursuing.   

Being a joint venture between Volvo Cars and Veoneer (Autoliv) from April 2017 we are a truly modern start-up with high energy, dedication and passion. Zenuity uses a disruptive business model to produce world-leading competence in key technology areas. Delivering leading advanced driver assistance, highly automated driving, and cloud based Automotive software, we are dedicated to transforming the automotive industry and catapulting into the future of transportation. With more than 800 employees worldwide and with a unique growth rate we are recruiting top talent to our sites in Gothenburg, Detroit, Munich, Santa Clara and Shanghai.

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