Meet the "Mine Doctors"

I samarbete med Metso

We had the privilege of interviewing two of our special experts in their own field – Adrian Imre and Can Özer – our so called "Mine Doctors." They are both based in Tampere, Finland, but their work takes these busy consultants to many exciting customer sites all around the world. Read about their interesting work and careers, and how they bring value to our customers.

What is your current position and where are you from originally?

Adrian: My title is Principal Drill and Blast Consultant, and I am from Romania.

Can: I am a Senior Process Engineer, and I am originally from Turkey.

We have an international team with people from Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, the US, Canada and France. We work as consultants and help Metso's customers to meet their quality standards, optimize their processes and, ultimately, add value to their business.

How did you end up in this position?

Adrian: I worked for 21 years in my country, Romania – from underground mining, quarrying and consultancy to teaching open-pit mining and mining explosives. During the last 11 years, I worked in Chile, French Guyana and Hong Kong. Now I have been with Metso as a Drill and Blast Consultant for five years.

Can: I started out in academia for about 11 years. I worked on different projects besides my research activities. Then I decided it was time to go out and start using my knowledge by providing assistance to mining customers. Metso was one of the best places to achieve, thanks to its globally leading position in the industry. I am glad to have been be part of this business for more than 5 years now.

What are your main responsibilities here?

Can: I have broad expertise in Process Optimization Services (PRO), so I am responsible for providing technical support to our customers. I work with them on the challenges and problems they have encountered in their comminution and process plants. For example, my role in a project could include optimization of crushing/screening, grinding/classification, beneficiation operations or a combination of them.

Adrian: I am mainly involved in drill and blast optimization in different mining operations around the world, helping Metso customers to improve their efficiency. First, I visit the mining sites to collect data and learn about local operational conditions. Then, I analyze the data, do mathematical modeling, simulate different drill and blast designs, define the optimum ones and recommend operating strategies to achieve the best results.

What do you like most about your work?

Adrian: What I like most about Metso is the collegial style of management, our supportive team and the high technical, human and ethical standards our company has. Metso is a place where you can really develop yourself and share your experience with others; you are respected and appreciated for your work.

Can: The fact that I am based in Finland, but still serving our customers globally. I truly enjoy having the chance to work with colleagues and customers from other countries and different cultures.

Your biggest career achievement at Metso?

Can: We have a multi-cultural working environment, so I have learned that there is not always one correct answer or solution to a problem. We need to understand and respect each other – it's all about communication and how you do it that matters.

Adrian: Thanks to our global network, I have had the chance to expand my professional experience through hands-on work – and learn more than in any other position by solving the operational problems of our customers.

What message would you like to give to other "Mining Minds" around the world?

Can: Follow your values. For example, Metso's values are: Driving customer success, seeking innovation, performing together and respecting each other. I would say, that these are not just fancy words brought together, this is what we do.

Adrian: We are a great team of professional experts. At Metso, you really do feel like the company approach applies: take care of your employees and their families and they will take care of your customers. In other words, the general ratio of life is work/family/sleep, so when you work for Metso it means family/family/sleep, because we are a big family. Maybe not a perfect one, but a great one for sure.

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