Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd is an open knowledge institute where professionals in every phase of their development cross the borders of disciplines and organizations to collaborate on the development, transfer, and application of high-quality, practically-oriented knowledge.

The development of knowledge and innovation is becoming more and more important in order to achieve social and economic success. Zuyd is actively involved in applied research in a number of fields that are relevant for the development of our region. Most of the research done at Zuyd is done for the benefit of local and regional authorities and businesses and institutions. Our research is aimed at the development and dissemination of knowledge that can be applied in practical situations.

Research Centres
The Zuyd Research Centres stimulate the development, transfer and circulation of knowledge as well as the innovation of our study programmes through applied research activities for companies and institutions.

Centres of Expertise
Zuyd expresses its research focus areas - which contribute to regional development - through three  Expertise Centres in the fields of care and technology, sustainable building and materials, and chemistry.

Working at Zuyd
Zuyd helps people and our region grow. We do this by supporting students in their efforts to become sought-after professionals, and by helping professionals stay successful and valuable. But our commitment to personal growth also extends to our own staff. We believe that everyone has unique talents, and we want to help them develop them to their fullest potential. We feel it is our duty as employer to offer them every opportunity to do so.

Our standards and values
For the people of Zuyd, a number of values are particularly important. These are our core values. We are ambitious; we enjoy pushing our limits. We want to continue to develop our competences and skills at all times, ideally through interaction with professionals in the field. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and prefer to position ourselves at the forefront of new initiatives. We are open to the vision of others and we like to look beyond the limits of our own field and organization. We want to inspire, and we are dedicated to personal responsibility and personal attention to our students and partners. These core values of Zuyd University describe our company culture and provide guidance for how we do things at Zuyd.