Zürich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich)

The Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) is the education and in-service training institute for teachers in the Swiss Canton of Zurich. It has been in operation since the fall of 2002 and grew out of the merger of the eleven previous institutions of teacher training. It belongs to the Zurich Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and is divided into the following areas of activity:

  • Training for prospective teachers at all levels
  • Training and consulting for practising teachers and school authorities
  • Research and services
Around 3200 students and 550 teaching staff, scientific collaborators and assistants, and 240 employees in administrative, technical and operational functions (full- or part time) currently work at the PH Zurich. Moreover, about 20,000 applications are received each year for the PH's further education, professional development, counselling and training services.