WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

Our Mission and our Values
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management pursues excellence in everything it does. This philosophy is underscored by our claim “Excellence in Management Education.” We achieve our goal of excellence through the motivation and dedication of WHU students and staff (Passion), their call for social responsibility (People) and the faithfulness to the principle that results count (Performance).

To promote entrepreneurial, innovative thinking and action, we provide an intellectual and creative environment that is characterized by the engagement and commitment of all involved.

We reinforce, encourage and challenge individual personal development and social responsibility through mutual trust, support and respect in a community of students, alumni and faculty.

We are committed to providing our students with an outstanding internationally oriented and up-to-date training and education, which builds on WHU’s own research.

Passion, People and Performance - the cornerstones of our programs
Passion, People and Performance are the cornerstones of our programs. Only by actively advancing entrepreneurial approaches and innovation can we achieve our goal: to educate and train the future leaders of the economy. The ever-present WHU spirit, born of mutual trust, support and respect, endures long after the time spent at the business school. It prepares the individual to accept responsibility in business and society. The performance culture at WHU is reflected both in its excellent students and graduates, as well as in excellent research and academics, repeatedly recognized by independent rankings and accreditations.