University of Trento

Over its 50 years of history, the University of Trento has been known for its propension towards international relations and mobility and for the quality of its research and education offer. These features have led the University of Trento to reach prominent positions in national and international university rankings.

The figures describing the University - 16.000 students and about 600 professors and researchers - mirror the capacity of the University to offer an ideal environment to boost studies and research, through services designed on the needs of individual users.

The 10 Departments and the 3 University research centres are structured in 54 degree courses, many first and second level master courses and life-long learning courses. Further the University includes 2 Advanced Training Schools and 13 Doctoral Schools. Considering the small size of the University, this is an impressive range of offered opportunities!

The University is organized in 3 main locations. The Departments of Sociology and Social Research – hosting the School on Local Development – Departments of Economics and Management, Humanities, the Faculty of Law and the School of International Studies are located in the historical city centre.

The Departments of Physics, Mathematics, Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering and Computer Science are located on the hill, surrounded by green areas.

The CIBio – Centre for Integrative Biology - is located in Mattarello, the southern part of Trento.

The city of Rovereto, 25 km away from Trento, hosts the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, created in 2004 as Faculty of Cognitive Sciences: it is the only Italian centre devoted to neurosciences, an innovative study and research area, offering interesting insights on possible future developments. The Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences – CIMeC – is also located in Rovereto.

Research activities are carried out also within the numerous study and research centres, among which BIOtech – the Interdepartmental Centre of Biomedical Technologies - CUDAM – the University Centre of Excellence for the Hydrogeological Protection of Mountain Environment - and CUM – University Centre of Metrology.

The University was founded in 1962 and over the years it has created and consolidated  alliances and complementarities with Italian and foreign institutions and organizations.

The EU programme Erasmus Mundus and the Atlantis project between the EU and the USA, the double degree programme and the LLP-Erasmus programme offer many opportunities to study and carry out research abroad. The University also cooperates with extra European countries, through bilateral agreements and the consortia in which the University participates.

Since 2002, the University of Trento has been the Italian site of the Italian-German University, the international institute for the promotion of inter-university cooperation between Italy and Germany.

Everything is within reach and easily accessible in Trento: libraries, university canteens, laboratories, cultural activities and specialized services. The University of Trento offers 5 libraries, open even during the evening, with IT rooms equipped with PCs and a laptop PC services. The University also operates its own Language Learning Centre with extensive and intensive courses in 7 foreign languages, as well as courses in Italian for foreigners.

Study grants, university canteens, accommodation, sports centres are only some of the services and facilities provided by the University Guild (Opera Universitaria), which is the provincial body in charge of the right to education.