University of the Highlands and Islands

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is the only university based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
The University provides access to undergraduate and postgraduate study, and research opportunities through a distinctive partnership of 13 colleges and research institutions. Each institution has its own character and contributes to the distinctive organisation that is the University of the Highlands and Islands. Some are relatively large colleges in the urban centres of the region such as Perth, Elgin and Inverness. Others are smaller institutions, including some whose primary focus is on research. All, however, have astudent-centred culture and an individual approach to student learning. In addition to the main campuses, UHI also provides educational opportunities through a network of more than 50 learning centres located throughout the Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire.
UHI gained full university status in February 2011, evolving from the higher education institution UHI Millennium Institute.

The structure of UHI
The university is governed by the Court, with the Chancellor as its titular head.
There are almost 7000 students studying on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as many undertaking groundbreaking research with UHI.
Although UHI is spread out geographically, every UHI course belongs to one of our two faculties: Arts, Humanities and Business and Science, Health and Engineering. Within each faculty, our subject networks bring together similar courses. Deans of faculty and subject network leaders work together to manage the curriculum and monitor the quality of UHI courses.

The best of both worlds
Studying at a UHI college, research centre or learning centre means that you have access to all the services offered locally as well as the central support services available across UHI including theUHI Career Centre and student mentoring.