University of Nottingham

The Strategic Plan articulates the University's mission, vision and guiding principles. It sets out how we will build on our rich assets and strong achievements to meet the challenges the University will face over the next five years, and how we will sustain our position as one of the leading universities in the world. It also shows how we will measure our success.

Activity is underway on the planning of the University’s next strategy, which will run from 2015-2020. This will set the University on a path to leverage its strengths, whilst responding to uncertainties faced by all UK universities as well as universities globally. The intention is to move Nottingham to a new and significantly stronger position against its competitors. Further updates will be circulated as they become available.

At The University of Nottingham we are committed to providing a truly international education, inspiring our students, producing world-leading research and benefitting the communities around our campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia. Our purpose is to improve life for individuals and societies worldwide. By bold innovation and excellence in all that we do, we make both knowledge and discoveries matter.

Our vision is to be widely recognised as the first choice of:

  • students  who want a top quality, international education
  • researchers who want the best opportunity to make a significant global impact
  • businesses that want innovative partners who give them an edge on their competition
By attracting ambitious and talented students, staff, and business partners, we will firmly establish ourselves among the top 10 UK universities by 2015, and both of our campuses in Asia will be recognised as leading higher education providers within their regions.

Our vision is to be recognised around the world for our signature contributions, especially in global food security, energy and sustainability, and health.