University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis

The University of Nice was officially established by the Decree of 23 October 1965. Nevertheless, its historical roots dating back to XVII century, with the famous Collegium jurisconsultorum niciensium created in 1639 by the Princes of Savoy, it included a large body of jurists and reputation lasted until the annexation of Nice to France in 1860. In the seventeenth century, a school of medicine dispensed lessons appreciated throughout Europe. vocation Nice University has established itself in the early twentieth century through the combined efforts of some great scholars, such as Maurice Dean Louis Trotabas or Mignon. With the support of local communities and in particular the city of Nice, in 1933 they founded the Centre Universitaire Mediterranean whose first director was Paul Valéry. Were then opened successively Institute of Legal Studies in 1938, the Institute of Literary Studies in 1941 and the Institute of Scientific Studies in 1945. The decree of August 2, 1962 gave birth to the Faculty of Law and Economics, attached to the University of Aix-Marseille. Decree promulgated in 1965 kicked off a multidisciplinary university, organized around the Faculties Arts, Science, Law and Economics, as they are located on three campuses in 1968. It was in 1989 that the University of Nice took the name of Sophia-Antipolis, given the impetus is given to this business park dedicated to new technologies. headquarters of the University of Nice is established from 1965 in an exceptional environment: the castle and the park Valrose, which covers a ten hectares incorporating buildings of the Faculty of Sciences.