University of Hertfordshire

We will shape the next generation of business-facing universities.

We will continue to be an exemplar in the sector and we will play a leading role in addressing the economic and social challenges facing the UK in increasingly competitive global markets.
Innovation, creativity and an enterprising mindset will be the defining characteristics of our University. We will provide flexible and transformational learning and commit to adding value to our partners and delivering positive and productive engagements with business, industry and the professions.

The University will continue to play a central role in the local and regional economy, contributing positively to its social and economic development, and we will build our international profile and global reputation.

Our mission
An innovative and enterprising university, challenging individuals and organisations to excel.

Our values
The following core values will inform and sustain all of our activities.

We aspire to be:

  • Student-centred
  • Innovative, creative and enterprising
  • Committed to supporting and developing our people
  • Focused on excellence and its celebration
  • Dedicated to enjoyment in learning and work
  • A place of integrity where the individual is respected