University of Applied Sciences of Darmstadt

The University of Applied Science of Darmstadt enables it’s students the possibility to prepare themselves for a globalised work field and to develop their abilities of intercultural team work. It promotes the mobility of its students and lecturers in their study period and in common projects, as well as through international cooperation and graduation with partner colleges.

Therefore, the Darmstadt College developed some international study careers, some of them completely lectured in english. The support service for foreign students will be assured by a network of counselors, which include students from developing countries.

Yearly the College awards the DAAD Darmstadt College prize and gives graduation scholarships to outstanding and especially engaged students from abroad. Darmstadt College also maintains partnerships with colleges from developing countries and invites students and lecturers from these colleges to Darmstadt. The study offer is completed by general study courses in Social Sciences and Social Work (language course, intercultural learning, international politics, international relations, etc.), which are open to students from all faculties. An international certificate can be aquired.

The college promotes an open world policy, with complete disregard for discrimination and agression due to ethic origin, religion, skin color, etc. In order to facilitate the international cooperation the college plans to build an international guesthouse.

Darmstadt College is turning more and more into an european and international college. This is being shown by the increasing international cooperations in research and teaching, the increasing number of scientists and students coming from abroad, as well as their integration into the college. The consistent internationalisation of study and lesson at the Darmstadt College is meant to prepare students to face future tasks and issues within the international context.