University of Aberdeen

For over five centuries this University has been dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledge and the creation of ideas through excellence in scholarship. The combination of our rich academic heritage and our glorious medieval campus at Old Aberdeen make the University one of Scotland’s great institutions.

The impact of scholars and alumni from Aberdeen can be seen the world over but never more so than today. We are committed to being a great international university which brings its intellectual strength to benefit all of the communities we serve - local, national and international. That reflects the character of the City itself which is regarded as the energy capital of Europe and one of the strongest local economies in the UK. The University has an important role in making Aberdeen such a vibrant and distinctive economic, cultural and social centre.

One of the reasons I joined the University was how ambitious it is about its future. I am equally struck by the great sense of community there is at Aberdeen and the affection the University engenders in the hearts of those who come into contact with it. There is an atmosphere here where a shared sense of pride in the University’s past achievements sits at one with an ambition to make the next chapter in its history even more successful. That makes Aberdeen an exciting and very special university.

Whatever your interest in the University is, student, staff or visitor, I welcome you to our webpages and invite you to visit our community in person. You can be sure of a warm welcome if you do.