Since 1957 the Institute has provided postgraduate education to more than 14,500 water professionals from over 160 countries, mostly from the developing world. Numerous research and capacity development projects are carried out by the Institute throughout the world.

UNESCO-IHE offers a unique combination of applied, scientific and participatory research in water engineering, natural sciences and water management. Since its establishment the Institute has played an instrumental role in developing the capacities of water sector organizations, especially in the global South, not least by strengthening the efforts of other universities and research centres to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the water sector.

Through offering fellowships for incoming mobility, UNESCO-IHE aims to:

  • Strengthen novel and innovative research in the broad field of water and development through knowledge sharing with incoming talented researchers active in the EU Member States, Associated Countries, developing countries and countries in transition to work on their individual research projects.
  • Develop mutually beneficial research cooperation between Europe, and establish a balanced "brain circulation" among