Tilburg University

Complex social issues such as the aging, euro crisis, sustainability, selfreliance and giving life meaning require analyses and solutions. Through top-level research and outstanding teaching, we want to contribute towards a better society. We acquire new ideas and insights by researching, learning and understanding. Every day, we seek to better understand how people function in this world. Our slogan, ‘Understanding Society’, is more relevant today than it has ever been.

Our knowledge often arises as a result of collaborations between different research disciplines, a process that is frequently innovative and inspirational. Our research is very firmly rooted in the following fields:

  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Theology
We teach our students so that they are in a position to take on positions of responsibility in our society. We introduce them to the latest scientific insights, constantly challenging them to get the best out of themselves. Our students and employees form an international community that is eager to look beyond the confines of its own boundaries. The size of our university and our compact campus make for an open atmosphere in which everyone can feel involved.

Tilburg University also attaches much value to the transfer of knowledge to society and the valorization of academic knowledge, as manifested in our various collaborative partnerships with businesses and social organizations, for example.