The Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI)

COSBI is a bioinformatics research center operating in the fields of systems nutrition and systems pharmacology
The main disease areas of study are neurodegenerative diseases with main focus on Alzheimer's, as well as obesity and diabetes. We adopt a systems approach to omics data analysis - based on multivariate statistical and network analysis - to generate clear, biologically interpretable results from complex data sets. Modularization techniques integrate omics data with known molecular interaction relationships; they are an essential assets for identifying functional modules in large network models. These functional modules represent a first step toward quantitative, mechanistic understanding of disease-linked system components, and response to external/environmental components (i.e., drugs or food). Quantitative models derived from functional modules are then simulated to gain new insight on the biological behavior. The primary simulation techniques adopted are based on stochastic algorithms, which can be analysed for sensitivity of parameters as well.

COSBI LAB is an integrated artificial laboratory to perform dry experiments
COSBI LAB is in continuous growth, driven by our partners’ needs
MODEL Tabular interface designed to easily create and simulate models, inspired by biological thinking.
SIMULATION Integrated engine which makes it easy to choose simulation arguments and environments based on your modeling needs.
PLOT & PLOT MATRIX & GRAPH Visualization tools to analyze time course, scatter plots and network interactions.