SATT Sud-Est

3 main strategic objectives:
    1. Bringing together all the research institutions tech transfer offices. The Company becomes the one-stop shop that its stakeholders and private companies have been missing until now; it creates an actual bond between public research and the market.
    1. Enhancing the level of innovation of the business world. The Company financially supports high potential technology and know-how transfer that originate from public research labs. It mainly targets the SMEs of the region, in partnership with Competitiveness Clusters.
    1. Supporting economical development of South Eastern France though innovative start-up business and job creation. The SATT becomes a key player of innovative start-up business creation while financially supporting the proof of concept of technologies prior to the creation. In partnership with the 4 business incubators of South Eastern France, it supports innovative start-up businesses so that they become expanding companies.
The Company is the extension of the action of technology transfer initiated in 2006 by Valorpaca, the non-profit association of the South Eastern France universities, of which INRIA, IRD, AP-HM and CHU of Nice are associate members. The SATT relies on the assets, skills and excellent reputation of Valorpaca.
Well known research in South Eastern France
The Company develops research potential from over 10,000 researchers, grad students and postdocs, as well as a 600 M€ annual R&D budget. South Eastern France ranks 3rd in France regarding public researcher numbers; they are the 2nd in Life Sciences. Research in South Eastern France is recognized as excellent in a number of fields including Health and Biotechnology, Technologies of Information and Communications, Ecotechnologies and Social Science.