At the heart of everything we do are people. Through our vaccines, medicine and solutions, we help prevent and where needed, treat those in need. As economies and societies evolve, we need healthy populations to meet the future challenges we will face. Healthcare needs have changed and will continue to do so and as an industry we have to adapt to meet these needs.

To have a real impact in the future, we need a sustainable business so we can continue to invest in delivering innovative solutions. At the same time we have a responsibility to improve access to medicines and quality healthcare. In order to move along in this ambition, we are pushing forward with our key strategic priorities:

Be a global healthcare leader with synergistic platforms
We have significantly transformed the Group to be focused on the seven strategic growth platforms of diabetes, vaccines, consumer healthcare, rare diseases & multiple sclerosis, other innovative products, animal health and emerging markets. Not only will these enable us to improve access to quality healthcare and meet unmet needs, but they will also deliver the sustainable growth required to allow us to continue to invest in innovative research & development.

Our ambition is to offer an integrated set of businesses within the healthcare space with opportunities to create synergies across activities, both upstream and at an R&D level and downstream in the market place.

Bring innovative products to the market
R&D has always been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our company. The advancements in science mean that more targeted, more effective treatments are within reach and we are ready to take on this challenge. We have built a revitalised R&D organization centred on patients’ needs and delivering truly innovative solutions.

Seizing value-enhancing growth opportunities
The changing face of the industry, healthcare needs and scientific discovery led us to the realization that we need to diversify to grow the business. We need to look outside at partnerships and acquisitions to succeed in delivering future innovative solutions. We have been successful in searching out the best science and the best companies to acquire and partner with. We have strongly reinforced our business in particular areas such as diabetes, oncology, rare diseases and consumer healthcare. We will continue to look for opportunities and partner with the best, whomever and wherever they may be.

Adapt structure for future challenges and opportunities
The successful companies of tomorrow are those that go beyond delivering products to delivering real solutions and services. We have identified and delivered on our growth platforms and we have undergone a deep organisational transformation. This has included a complete restructure of R&D, the expansion of our footprint in biotechnology through the acquisition of Genzyme and refocused regional and global operations to be ready to meet the next challenge and opportunity around the corner.