Royal Danish School of Pharmacy – Copenhagen

Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry
The Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry’s mission is to contribute to the development and exchange of knowledge within the areas of pharmaceutics and analytical chemistry, both in Denmark and internationally and to provide society with new research results and new knowledge.

The mission is to be fulfilled through:
  • Conducting basic as well as applied research at the highest international level.
  • Offering research-based teaching at the highest international level in the field of pharmaceutics and analytical chemistry. This includes research-based undergraduate and graduate level education, PhD-programmes and research-based continuing education programmes.
  • Participation in dissemination and exchange of knowledge with the surrounding community.
Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
The Department is engaged in research and teaching in the broad area of pharmacology ranging from molecular and cellular pharmacology to systems pharmacology. Additionally, clinical pharmacy, pharmacotherapy and social pharmacy represent important activities at the Department.

Department of Medicinal Chemistry
The mission of the Department of Molecular Drug Research is to advance pharmaceutical sciences by performing drug-related research and research-based teaching within a range of topics including organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology, natural products research, pharmacognosy, and biostructural research. The department emphasizes further development of internationally recognized programs of research and education, and is committed to serve the Danish society and the international scientific community with its knowledge.

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