At Rousselot, integrity is not just a word but a belief.

This is a way of life at Rousselot and the primary reason we have set the standards for gelatine since 1891. Rousselot is a reliable partner. That is why more global food and pharmaceutical customers put their faith in a partnership with Rousselot than any other gelatine and collagen supplier.

With a worldwide staff dedicated to its customers, Rousselot is recognized as a world leader in the production and support of safe, high quality collagens and gelatines.
Rousselot’s commitment to these standards has provided the security, trust and reliability that customers have come to expect.

Although global in location, Rousselot remains a family united by a unique network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and technical experts. Diversity of nationalities, strong corporate identity and team spirit are our leading core-values.

Customer driven solutions
Rousselot provides the strength of a global company with the dedication and commitment of a close reliable partner. The goal of each Rousselot team is to supply, each and every day, the best services and products available.

The Rousselot Healthy Choice, whatever your application
Reformulation of foods is considered to be one of the key options for achieving population nutrition goals. The composition  of many foods is modified to help the consumer bring their daily diet more into line with dietary recommendations.

Leveraging the powerful functionalities and properties of its gelatine, Rousselot offers innovative solutions in food reformulation. Our team is dedicated to help food manufacturers create added-value and cost-effective products while maintaining taste and texture.

With its extensive work in formulation, Rousselot has developed a catalogue of recipes to help you get attractive solutions to market faster.

No compromise with Quality
Rousselot’s approach is driven by customer focus, in which all our teams participate pro-actively. This ensures our customers punctually receive the fit-for-use product they expect.
Rousselot® Gelatin and Peptan® are safe and fully traceable. They meet or exceed most international, local and regional quality and environmental standards.