RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

Situated in the bustling, multicultural Rhein-Main area, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences provides outstanding educational and job opportunities. RheinMain University's research strengths, its team spirit and its attentiveness to the needs of society and of the market alike ensure that its degree programs are relevant to the world of work and to life beyond the university. The four campuses at our two study locations Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim are equally committed to placing students at the center.

The degree programs at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences offer an up-to-date preparation for today's jobs. The university's five faculties Applied Social Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Design – Computer Science – Media, Engineering, and Wiesbaden Business School specialize in educating their students for modern work environments that require the application of scientific methods and creative skills in multiple, ever-changing practical contexts.