Research Center Borstel – Leibniz-Center for Medicine and Biosciences

Our Mission
The sociopolitical and distinguished scientifc mission of the Research Center Borstel is comprehensive health and biomedical research in pneumology focusing on "infectious diseases" and "asthma and allergies".

Research Objectives
The Center ultimately makes important contributions to the development of innovate and more effective therapeutic and preventive regimens in pneumology.

The essential, translational and clinical research focuses on the following main goals:

• Identifcation of new target structures for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic prophylaxes and therapies.
• Development of new diagnostics and applied imaging.
• Definition of biomarkers ad nutritional physiological predispositions for clinical-relevant risk profiles.
• Exploit our knowledge of mechanisms of resistance, virulence, persistence and reactivation for therapy and prognosis.
• Identification of immune mdoulators for prophylaxis and therapy of infectious and non-infectious, acute and chronic inflammations.
The Research Center Borstel investigates inflammatory diseases, mainly of the lung, with infectious and non-infectious origin spanning from physico-chemical and molecular research to the application of complex model systems and epidemiological studies resulting in translational research needed in patient care.

The long-term set goals of the Center continously profit from its interdisciplinary approach, multidisciplinary structure of the research teams and the methodological complexity. This leads to diversified interactions between the groups.