Quadriga University Berlin

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is aware of the boundlessness of modern management. A large proportion of companies and organisations are currently international. That is why Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin organises international study; international questions and problems in organisational communication are also part of all degree programmes. Several modules of the degree programmes with an international reference are taught in English. The Europe-wide conferences of Quadriga also address questions that are relevant far beyond narrow, national state contexts.

In several aspects, a high quality standard is derived from the mission of Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin:

  • The degree programmes at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin have been developed by well-versed experts, renowned academics and well-known practitioners have supported their conception.
  • The degree programmes have been accredited by one of the leading, independent accreditation agencies for a maximum period of time, without conditions.
  • The quality of teaching and research is ensured by standardised evaluation processes.
  • The excellence of the professors is ensured by a stringent appointment process, as well as the ongoing evaluation of the lessons.
  • The students at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin contribute a high level of qualification and motivation. A two-stage admission procedure ensures this.
  • The number of study places is limited. They are awarded according to strict selection criteria. Students must be prepared to meet the requirements of the programme. Successful completion of the programme requires great commitment and self-discipline on the part of the participants.
  • The goal of the programmes is to qualify graduates for leadership positions, in which they will have sole responsibility for making far-reaching decisions. The knowledge that they will acquire during the course of the programme will give them the ability to analyse and manage complex situations.