PSB Paris School of Business

About Us
Founded in 1974, PSB Paris School of Business (formerly ESG MS) is a European elitist Grande Ecole management school that combines academic excellence, international awareness and professional experiences.
A member of the Conference of Grande Écoles, EFMD and AACSB, the institution offers several programs: Undergraduate (International BBA), Graduate (Grande École program), and post-Graduate (MSc, MA, MBA, Executive DBA).
Cited as one of the top post-baccalaureate schools in France, its Grande École Program offers a 5-year course leading to an official Master level degree which is also internationally accredited by AMBA as of October 2014.

Our Philosophy
Its academic philosophy revolves around 3 themes: Knowledge, Interpersonal Skills and Know-How:

  • Leadership workshops in partnership with the Cours Florent acting school,
  • a focus on student association projects (a budget of 1 million euros),
  • and a unique extra-curricular journey of personal awareness known as U Discover: 400 events organised throughout the year including conferences (business leaders, politicians, intellectuals, etc.), corporate and institutional visits (political, cultural, etc.) and humanitarian actions at the heart of it all.
This philosophy is reflected through the school's motto "Acting Beyond Knowledge"

Missions and Values
PSB Paris School of Business’ mission is to train open-minded, operational managers and develop their knowledge in order to help them act beyond knowledge in their professional management career.

Acquiring knowledge is one of the school’s main missions, and the application of this know-how to real business projects occupies an important place in each of the programs. This is achieved through corporate internships and field studies.

Personal development is at the core of education thanks to annual seminars in collaboration with the Cours Florent, France’s famous acting school, as well as through numerous student association activities.

Responsibility comes with the enriching student experience of studying abroad. Students complete their multi-cultural management training thanks to studying abroad where they gain hands-on experience, international exposure and key skills in adapting to an international environment.