Peacocks Medical Group

Established in 1903, Peacocks Medical Group has been supplying medical equipment and services for over 100 years.

A multi-award winning family-run group based in the North East of England, Peacocks provide outstanding care in the delivery of both services and equipment to the NHS and private sector on a national and international scale.
Peacocks have three company divisions :

Orthotics, Surgical and Medical Equipment and Direct Sales :

They offer a range of products and services including medical decontamination and dental sterilisation equipment, operating theatre tables, lighting and surgical equipment.

Direct Sales provide mobility and rehabilitation solutions including wheelchairs, scooters and aids to daily living.

A valuable provider of employment in the North East, Peacocks emply over 165 people in their 35,000 sq ft facility in Newcastle.  Peacocks have clinics across the UK with branches in Newcastle and Southampton.