Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Welcome to Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Oslo National Academy of the Arts is Norway's largest college of higher education in the field of arts, with over 550 students, 200 employees and more than 900 guest teachers and teachers on short-term contracts, all of whom are leading practitioners in their own discipline.  Our aim is to educate artists and designers with the ability to both reflect on, and experiment in, their chosen field and make lasting contributions to the diversity of our society.

The Oslo National Academy of the Arts currently
offers 24 study programmes, and consists of six departments: Design, Visual Art, The Academy of Fine Art, The Academy of Dance, The Academy of Opera, and The Academy of Theatre.In autumn 2010, all KHiO's faculties was located together in newly renovated, customised buildings on the Seilduken campus. The building was originally one of Oslo's pioneering factories: Christiania Sailcloth Factory, founded in 1856, hence its name "Seilduken" (sailcloth). 

The architecture from this era influences the design of KHiO's workshops and workplaces and provides space for a new interdisciplinary library, a gallery and exhibition rooms, a canteen open to all, well-equipped workshops and light, spacious classrooms/studios.The Oslo National Academy of the Arts is a cultural institution of significance – not least for its surroundings; one of our objectives is to develop KHiO as a cultural venue and the academy offers a wide-ranging and varied programme of cultural activities that are open to the general public. The move to the Seilduken campus has given fresh impetus to the student environment of all our specialist departments. We look forward to welcoming our students to the new future era for our study programmes in the arts.