Nürtingen-Geislingen University (NGU)

Shaping the future and honoring traditions
”Change is the only constant.“ There is hardly any statement that better illustrates the setting and substance of Nürtingen–Geislingen University. Since 1949 young people have been acquiring a sound and relevant tertiary education here, preparing them for propitious, lucrative, and prominent
career opportunities.

The winds of change have transformed this former college of agricultural engineering into an outstanding institution of higher education with a remarkable profile. Its academic programs are based on a solid undergraduate foundation comprising the essential subjects required by the respective profession. They are the engines driving the continuing attunement of academic course structure and content to meet the real-life needs of the business world.

The university has been taking its chance to reform: All programs are now based on a Bachelor´s – Master´s degree structure and match the international requirements. Equal opportunities are as well part of the university’s profile. The university runs its own center for equal opportunity issues as a response to the changes in society.
Business Economics, Law, Planning and the Environment are the key focal points targeted by the academic programs offered at Nürtingen–Geislingen University. Direct contact to the numerous large companies and multinationals as well as successful small businesses in the strong economic region of Stuttgart will always ensure the academic programs the University offers are based on applied business experience. All of its professors and lecturers come to the University with extensive and substantial business-management backgrounds.

The Nürtingen-Geislingen University can look back on almost half a century of proud tradition. Founded in 1949 as a College of Agricultural Engineering, it was converted into a University of Applied Sciences in 1972 and later got its current name "Nürtingen-Geislingen University".

Today, the degree programs have been greatly enhanced by the strong core competencies in business, economics and environmental studies prevalent at the university. The Nürtingen-Geislingen University offers a number of bachelor and master degree programs at its campuses in Nürtingen and Geislingen.
In Nürtingen, the University offers programs in Business Studies, International Finance, Applied Economics, Agriculture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.

At the campus in Geislingen, the University offers programs such as Automotive Business, Real Estate, Business Law, Health and Tourism Managment, Energy and Resource Management as well as Sustainable Product Management that qualify the students for the respective market's career demands.

Postgraduate Master Programs in Business, Taxation, Accounting, Law, International Management, International Finance, Environmental Studies, International Landscape Architecture, Leadership and Automotive Management are also available.

All faculties possess a service-sector bias with services in Agribusiness, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design and City Planning as well as in Business Management, Applied Economics, Finance and Real Estate Management.

The University offers exchange programs to more than 50 universities abroad. The students are prepared for international assignments through courses in English and international guest-lectures.

The Business and Management Programs gained outstanding recognition in various German university rankings.

An Institute for Applied Research (IAF), two experimental and research gardens both attached to the School of Landscape Architecture, Environmental and Urban Planning plus an experimental agricultural research farm complete the university´s infrastructure. They support the university´s on-going commitment to applied research and development.

Fast Facts
Facts and figures Nürtingen-Geislingen University (status quo summer semester 2013)

  • 24 full-time degree programs (14 bachelor and 10 master degree programs)
  • 4 part-time degree programs
  • 4545 students
  • 110 professors
  • 374 lecturers
  • 201 employees
  • 2 campuses: Nürtingen and Geislingen
  • partnerships with more than 50 universities worldwide
  • 3 libraries