Norwegian Defence School of Engineering

NDUC has the superior responsibility for education and qualification of personnel in the Norwegian Defence. The main office is situated at the Akershus Fortress in the centre of Oslo. NDUC is responsible for the following tasks:
  • coordination and streamlining of higher education in the Norwegian Defence, which also includes coordination with similar civilian institutions
  • identification of requirements and demands for the future qualification of personnel in the Defence, including research and development
  • approval of all curriculum plans for the military schools through the Defence Council of Education
    organisation of cost-effective interaction between civilian and military educational institutions, nationally and internationally.
NDUC consists of four departments with the following tasks:

The Norwegian Defence College (NONDC)
NONDC gives key personnel in the Norwegian society and the Defence knowledge of and insight into defence-, foreign- and security political factors that affect the Norwegian society.

The Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College (NORDCSC)
NORDCSC qualifies personnel for staff service and executive positions on an intermediate and higher level in the war- and peace organization. NORDCSC contributes to professional qualification of staff within strategy, operations and staff service.

The Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (NOIDS)
NOIDS conducts research within the areas of military theory and strategic studies, Norwegian security policies, defence politics, defence analysis and international conflict and co-operation reviews. The foundation for the activities is divided into three basic principles:
  • The prioritization of basic research and long-term competence building
  • Utilization of the synergies between the contemporary historical and present-oriented studies
  • Utilization of the synergies between historical, sociological and military expertise
The Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education/Defence Studies (NUSPE/DI)

NUSPE/DI is the Norwegian Defence’s centre for physical training and conducts studies on survival and physical capacity.

NDUC's staff
The staff at NDUC is responsible for developing qualifying teaching methods for education, research and development of education. They are also responsible for co-ordinating the contact between military and civilian educational institution both domestic and internationally.