Norwegian Academy of Music

Over the years the Academy has provided a solid foundation for many of Norway’s most renowned musicians.

The Norwegian Academy of Music:
  • offers the highest level of education for performers and composers, pedagogues and music therapists
  • is an artistic andcreative centre
  • provide research within various fields of music.
We offer a high quality and variety of courses at all levels, one of the results being that the Academy is Oslo’s biggest concert producer presenting approximately 300 concerts a year. 

The Academy’s study programmes are constantly reviewed and updated with outstanding teachers in order to anticipate and meet the need for musicians in our society.
The Norwegian Academy of Music is a specialised university with 541 students, and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Both academic qualifications and musical entrance requirements must be met. All applications will be handled in accordance with national requirements for admission to higher education.
Undergraduate courses qualify for the Norwegian academic degree Bachelor, which is obtained when graduating from a four-year programme of study at university level. All classroom tuition is in Norwegian. For admission to the undergraduate courses you are required to demonstrate a proficiency in Norwegian that will enable you to follow the tuition.

Admission to the postgraduate programmes requires a completed undergraduate study programme from the Norwegian Academy of Music or a corresponding programme. Plea