Noldus Information Technology

Noldus Information Technology is a leading global player in the behavioral research tools market. We have over 130 staff, spread between locations in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, China, Canada, and the USA.  Noldus Information Technology is a financially healthy company with a very bright future. What characterizes our company is the international, informal, and enjoyable working environment.

Our mission
Noldus Information Technology develops and delivers innovative software and hardware solutions and services for the measurement and analysis of behavior. These allow our customers to advance their research, product development, training, and education.

Our organization
Noldus Information Technology has 14 offices in 8 different countries and is represented by 12 distributors worldwide.

Our international headquarters is located in Wageningen, The Netherlands. In Europe, regional sales offices can be found in France, Germany, and Spain. Leesburg, Virginia, USA is the hometown of our North American headquarters. In the USA, we have branches in North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Washington. Recently, Toronto, Canada was added to the list of branch offices in North America. Our Chinese sales and support office is located in Beijing, China.

Research and development is concentrated in Wageningen, The Netherlands and Budapest, Hungary. Consultancy projects, which are carried out worldwide, are coordinated from our office in Wageningen

Our history
Lucas Noldus is the founder and managing director of Noldus Information Technology. With a Ph.D. in animal behavior, he developed the first version of what later became The Observer observational software. This tool attracted attention from researchers and triggered the start of the company in 1989.