Nesna University College

If you are looking for a unique academic opportunity in a friendly community, then Nesna is for you!
Our college is located in Nesna, a small community with approximately 1,900 inhabitants on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Helgeland. Nesna offers an insight into the life of a coastal community far away from the mainstream. People from many different cultures make their home here and have contributed to making the town a diverse and multicultural society. Nesna offers excellent outdoor life and recreational activities such as mountaineering, hiking, diving, kayaking and fishing.
Friendly atmosphere
Nesna University College has over 1000 full-time and part-time students, and is popular for its friendly atmosphere and the intimate academic relationships developed between students and staff. Traditionally the focus at our university college has been in teacher training. We also offer bachelor programs in special pedagogy, nursing and ICT, and Master degrees in music and natural science for teachers. Nesna University College has a long tradition for doing research projects on folk and sami music of the northern areas. Center for Northern Norwegian Music Research (SnoMus) is located at N.U.C., and offers a masterprogram focusing on music and culture in the Artics.
Black Box theatre
The students have their own Black Box theatre space available in our new building which also houses the auditorium, the canteen, computer facilities and the library.
Nesna is also a great place to study outdoor education by using the nearby mountains and sea as a classroom. So if you are looking for an intimate student environment, great outdoor adventures, and a warm welcome, Nesna is the choice for you!