MINES Albi-Carmaux

One of the main aims of our university is the increase of its international visibility. This is being achieved through a better synergy between teaching and research and by increasing our international partnerships: more than a hundred collaboration agreements (Memorandum of Understanding, Double Diploma Programs, exchange programs…) are running.

International Mines Albi Graduate school of Engineering proposes six international master programs totally taught in English:

  • AeroMat Innovation
  • Adpharming
  • BiWEM
Traditionally a French Summer School is proposed each year during July and August.

We are increasing the flux of incoming and outgoing students by fixing objectives such as academic quality and geographical equilibrium.  Joint research programs and international co-direction of PhD thesis and international mobility of academic staff have a strongly positive dynamic.

As a member of the « Institut Mines-Télécom » and of the « Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées », we work together with famous French academic partners for the accomplishment of our project "Mines Albi - International Campus".