MF Norwegian School of Theology

MF is located in Oslo and has three departments; the Department of Theology, the Department of Religious Education and Pedagogical studies, and the Department of Religion and Society.
MF Norwegian School of Theology was established in 1908 as an independent (non-governmental) specialised university for Theology in order to educate ministers for the Church of Norway  (Lutheran). From the beginning the institution has had a double commitment: academic excellence and Christian identity.

Growing recognition of theological scholarship has been accompanied by growth in the student body, and MF has for many years been by far the largest theological institution in Norway with approximately 950 students and a faculty of 40 professors and 10 associate professors. MF Norwegian School of Theology has trained about 70 % of the clergy of the Church of Norway (Lutheran), as well as teachers, catechists, missionaries and other workers in church and society.