Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (HoME)

The Hochschule Merseburg (HoMe) was founded on the April 1, 1992. The campus, however, has been an institution of higher education since 1954. Up to 1993 the technical college “Carl Schorlemmer” was located here.

Today the 44-hectare-area is home to 28 buildings or parts of buildings which have been extensively refurbished. It also has sports facilities and there are extensive green areas.

13 Bachelor's and 10 Master's programs are offered in four departments. In addition, a number of continuing education programs are available.

HoMe is the center for applied sciences in southern Saxony-Anhalt. Merseburg constitutes Central Germany’s metropolitan triangle with Halle and Leipzig. It offers a rich history and tradition of culture and science.

The 1000-year-old bishopric of Merseburg is widely known for the Merseburg Incantations, and is very close to the state-of-the-art facilities of the chemical industries in Leuna and Schkopau.

Research and teaching closely connect theory and practice at our university of applied sciences.

  • The variety of study programs HoMe offers, provides students with a basic knowledge as well as allowing them to specialize.
  • HoMe deals with the challenges of an ever-changing society. Our faculties make certain that their freedom of research and teaching is always in accord with the demands of society and the environment.
  • It is HoMe’s mission to continuously improve the study quality.
  • The applied research on a high level assures an up-to-date education which is closely connected to practice.
  • Academic continuing education and working with our alumni constitute future tasks.
  • HoMe has an effect within and outside the field of education with its partners.