MCI Management Center Innsbruck

Comprehensive University
Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) is an integral part of the unique "Comprehensive University Innsbruck" concept in Austria and has attained a leading position in international higher education as a result of its on-going quality and customer orientation. The concept of the Comprehensive University of Innsbruck is built upon three synergetic pillars.

Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck
The University of Innsbruck is a public university. The University was founded in 1669, with 16 faculties, 27,500 students and 4,500 staff and faculty members.
Management Center Innsbruck
"As the speed boat of the university, MCI compliments the Alma Mater Oenipontana and the university services centre in an innovative manner."
Univ.-Prof. Manfried Gantner,
former Rector of the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck
University-related institutions & services
The campuses of the University of Innsbruck and the MCI are embedded in a broad range of university-related institutions and services with a connections to their activities (transfer center such astransidee, start-ups such as cast) and related services (banks, bookstores, copy centers, restaurants and cafeterias etc.
Management Center Innsbruck - The Entrpreneurial School®
In the framework of the "Comprehensive University Innsbruck" concept the MCI strives to mentor motivated people, who want to build their future through goal-oriented continuing education, in their personal and professional development.

MCI offers graduate, non-graduate and post-graduate educational programs of the highest standard to senior and junior managers from all management levels and branches. MCI's programs focus on all levels of the personality and include areas of state-of-the art knowledge from science and practice relevant to business and society. As an internationally oriented information and communication center, MCI is open to new perspectives, methods and projects. Constructive dialogue and co-operative development of interdisciplinary competences are two of the pillars of teaching and learning at MCI.

MCI supports the competitiveness of organizations and influences the professionalisation of business, administration, politics and culture. Applied research and development are particularly valued at MCI for the strengthening of innovation in local companies and the ensuring of quality-oriented instruction.

Embedded in a broad network of patrons, sponsors and partners, MCI is an important engine in the positioning of Innsbruck, Tyrol and Austria as a center for academic and international encounters. Our neighbourly co-operation with the University of Innsbruck, the closeness to the lively Innsbruck Old Town and the powerful architecture of the location are an expression of the philosophy and the mission of this internationally exemplary higher education center.