Max-Born Institute (MBI)

The MBI conducts basic research in the field of nonlinear optics and ultrafast dynamics of the interaction of light with matter and pursues applications that emerge from this research. It develops and uses ultrafast and ultra-intense lasers and laser-driven short-pulse light sources in a broad spectral range in combination with methods of nonlinear spectroscopy.

With its research the MBI fulfills a nationwide mission and is an integral part of the international science community. It offers its facilities and its scientific know-how also to external researchers within the framework of an active guest programme. The MBI is involved in a large number and variety of cooperative research projects with universities, other research institutions and industrial partners.

Guest programme
In addition, the MBI also offers to external guest scientists to use its research capacities and the available know-how of the institute in the framework of an active guest programme. More information can be obtained from the Directors, Prof. Dr. Marc Vrakking, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sandner and Prof. Dr. Thomas Elsässer.

Specifically the MBI managed (Prof. W. Sandner) and coordinated European Network "Laserlab Europe" is of particular relevanc with respect to the guest activities at the MBI.

Research structure and organisational structure
The research structure of the Max Born Institute comprises 10 research projects and two infrastructure projects, organzed in 4 focus areas. Complementary to this, the organizational structure with 3 research divisions (each with 3 departments) defines the key fields of scientific competece of MBI-scientists and the corresponding scientific equippment.