The laboratory recognized by both the CNRS and INRA at a national level and part of the engineering school (INSA Toulouse) undertakes research from fundamental analysis of generic concepts in order to improve and design novel applications. The LISBP is specialized in biotechnology, system biology and chemical engineering.

Keywords of LISBP
LISBP can recognize itself in some important keywords:

  • Engineering: Rational improvement of a system’s performance based upon in depth understanding of the underlying scientific mechanisms.
  • Systems biology: Biological systems respond in a complex and dynamic manner to the surrounding environment. Understanding these interactions and the basic regulatory networks involved is a key objective for modern microbiology.
  • (Bio)Chemical Engineering: Most of our research finds its application in industrial processes. Understanding and exploiting the fundamental characteristics of such processes is critical to realistic process development.
Objectives of LISBP
The three major objectives of the laboratory are to:

  • Maintain standards of excellence in both Life Sciences and Chemical Engineering.
  • Combine these approaches to take into account all levels of interaction from gene to process.
  • Couple scientific excellence to socio-economic pertinence to develop innovative biotechnology in an ecological and sustainable manner.
Fields of Application
LISBP has various fields of application:

  • Agriculture and food industries
  • Water and environment
  • White biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • (Bio)chemical engineering