Linnaeus University

A modern, international university in Småland

A place for knowledge, ideas and development. For growth potential and a belief in the future. In Småland and in the world. Welcome to Linnaeus University!

Linnaeus University is one of Sweden's newest higher education institutions. The university was formed when the University of Kalmar and Växjö University merged in 2010. So Linnaeus University is certainly not the country’s oldest university. But perhaps this makes us one of the most modern, characterized by new thinking.

Exactly like Carl Linnaeus himself, we have high ambitions and are not easily contented. We are a young university, full of curiosity, and we aim for a distinct and strong position in society. It goes without saying that our education and research shall positively affect and stimulate the region’s development. At the same time, we work to ensure that each individual student and researcher is given the opportunity to grow and reach their goals.

Linnaeus University is located in Kalmar and Växjö. We have approximately 40,000 students in 150 degree programmes and 2,000 single-subject courses. Our high-quality research has had an impact, both nationally and internationally. It covers the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, and represents a number of well-established research domains. Examples are labour market policy, welfare issues and entrepreneurship, but also life sciences, aquatic ecology, and timber and energy technology.

Linnaeus University is proud of its roots in the Småland region of southern Sweden. A number of research environments are based on Småland’s cultural and geographical conditions, and many courses have been developed in collaboration with partners in the region. At the same time, we see no limits to where we can carry out our work – just like Carl Linnaeus. Our university settings in Kalmar and Växjö have an international feel and allow both students and researchers to participate in global networks. Both here in Småland and in the world.

With 2,000 staff, we are one of Småland’s largest employers. Working at Linnaeus University means being part of a dynamic environment where knowledge and new ideas flow freely. We believe in personal meetings here at Linnaeus University – for the more we meet and discuss, the more we develop ourselves and our ideas. Students will be able to find new skills and knowledge, while at the same time learning more about themselves, and researchers will discover new approaches.

Welcome to Linnaeus University! A modern, international university in Småland.