Leibniz-FH Hannover (University of Applied Sciences)

In 2011 the Leibniz-FH (University of Applied Sciences) emerged from the Leibniz Academy, College of Cooperative Education. Consequently our institution has been in existence since the year 1920. Nowadays the Leibniz-FH offers integrated degree courses as well as part-time Bachelor or Masters degree courses in Business and Business Informatics.

The emergence of the Leibniz FH from the renowned Leibniz Academy, College of Cooperative Education in 2011 is the latest milestone in the long history of Hannover’s Leibniz Academy.

For over 90 years, the Leibniz Academy has stood for sound commercial training in Hannover and it has firmly established itself as an educational partner of the Lower Saxony economy.

The Academy was founded in 1920, initially as a training facility for commercial clerks and officials, and it has continually expanded over the following years. To this day students with technical and managerial responsibilites for the Lower Saxony economy graduate from our part-time study courses as part of our Academy for Administration and Business (VWA).

Since 1976 the Leibniz Academy, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Hannover, has successfully offered integrated degree courses as a second business mainstay.  In 1988 several different Business Administration courses were introduced before, as part of an EU-wide harmonization, integrated degree courses in Business Administration, Business Informatics and  Health Management were accredited with the bachelor's degree status. This degree is equivalent to the Bachelor of state colleges and universities.

Over 100 companies, such as Continental AG, Wabco Vehicle Systems GmbH, TUI AG, Nord / LB, ExxonMobil, AOK Niedersachsen and Concordia Insurance, are partners in this dual scheme and include the integrated degree course as part of their strategic human resource development.