Legal & General

Since the first days of Legal & General we have maintained a deeply embedded desire to provide an honest and diligent service and to do the right thing.

Practice makes perfect, and for over 175 years we made sure that we are always here for our customers, providing our best possible products, a clear, fair service and a safe pair of hands for your money.

Our ambition is to be outstanding in the financial industry. We’re recognised by three of the world's leading independent rating agencies for our financial strength, and our investment business is one of the biggest in the UK, £440 billion worldwide (as at 30 June 2013).

Our core idea, Every Day Matters, is more important than our individual products. It proudly represents all that we do, what we believe in, care about and stand for. It also leads our social purpose.

Every Day Matters gives us a real and human aspect; it helps us design products people actually want; it creates connections between like-minded companies, individuals and institutions; and it motivates employees with a purpose they believe in.

It’s also the basis of how we’ve transformed the way we operate; shaping consumer engagement and smart public policy in a complex global environment.

To our customers it’s a visible assurance of the quality, value and the commitment they can expect from us. To our business it’s the most important and sustainable asset of our organisation.

Our story is not a history lesson, it’s about our commitment to success by doing the right thing, it’s showing that we care about the same stuff you do.

Everyday we help people make decisions that will define their lives.
We take this responsibility seriously and we are here for you when you need us:

  • helping you to save for your hopes and dreams;
  • plan your later life; and
  • protect the important things in your life.
This shapes our products and services across insurance (risk), savings and investments in order to make financial security easier to achieve.

We design products that you’ll understand and that you actually want; investing your money wisely so it grows over time, insuring you, your home and providing for your loved ones if the worst should happen.

The products and services we offer are categorised into four areas, we refer to these as our businesses.