The research program “SIGNALIFE” has been selected by the French Ministry of Research and Education during the highly competitive Labex “Laboratoire d’Excellence” call, within the framework of the governmental initiative “Investments for the Future” in 2011.

The research program of the Labex SIGNALIFE has been awarded 11 million euros over an 8-year period, starting in March 2012. The Labex SIGNALIFE aims at developing a research network between six leading academic research institutes in Nice. This project will thus contribute to establishing an interactive network of regional institutes in the life sciences, focused on the study of signaling pathways in animal and plants, essential to our understanding of human health and fundamental biological processes.

The key initiative of the Labex SIGNALIFE is to advance postgraduate and research training through the recruitment of talented and highly motivated PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. A total of 85 recruitments are planned throughout the 8-year period. 

The Labex SIGNALIFE is hosted by the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) and unites leading teams investigating diverse aspects of signaling pathways: 49 teams, 500 scientists including 280 permanent positions. The Labex SIGNALIFE is supported by all major research organisms in the life and medical sciences (UNS, CNRS, Inserm, INRA, Inria, Nice University Hospitals, Antoine Lacassagne Cancer Center). Private companies as well as local authorities further support the initiative of the Labex SIGNALIFE to build a novel interdisciplinary research network of excellence for life sciences and human health.

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
Parc Valrose
06108 Nice Cedex 2