What is the LabEx PRIMES (Physic, Radiobiology, MEdical Imaging and Simulation)?
At the National level, the questions of cancer and ageing are given highest priority in the domain of health research, providing strong societal impact for the quality of life and for the economy.

The fundamental questions that are addressed in this project are how to provide new imaging tools for exploring living tissues at different scales with new contrasts and how to build optimized, controlled and safe strategies for irradiation-based cancer therapy.

This field of research is by nature interdisciplinary and the LabEx members have expertise in physics, radiobiology, innovative radiotherapies, detectors, medical imaging, acquisition, image processing, simulation and modeling.
General organization of PRIMES Governance
 Research into the LabEx PRIMES
Axe I: Radiotherapy (WP1, 3 and 5)
WP1: Innovative Methods and Instruments in Radiotherapy
WP3: Radiobiology, instrumentation and modeling for innovative therapies
WP5: Image-based Simulation and Modeling (treatment room environment modeling on virtual patient)
Axe II: Medical imaging and simulation (WP2, 4 and 5)
WP2: Emerging Imaging Techniques
WP4: Multidimensional Image Processing
WP5: Image-based Simulation and Modeling (modeling of virtual patients)
 Training: beside the research program of PRIMES, we develop several training actions as the setup of a training class that will include a material platform (MRI, ultrasounds, optical imaging and X scanner) and a simulation platform (GEANT 4, GATE and images reconstructions).

The expectations from this LabEx initiative are to strengthen the local and regional synergies also with medical actors; to create a pole in medical imaging and physic applied to health; to increase the visibility on these thematic (publications, diffusion, animation); to strengthen  international collaborations; to gain recognition in initial and continuous training,  to develop valorization through industrial partnership, …