LabEx Plas@Par

What is Plas@Par
PLAS@PAR is a laboratory of excellence that federates leading plasma scientists in the Paris area, working in different scientific sectors. We thereby drive new synergies, reduce redundancy, stimulate the emergence of new ideas and projects inaccessible to individual partner and we provide a unique pole to attract young scientists.

Plas@Par activities
Plas@Par stimulates fundamental research in plasma physics and promotes innovation in domains ranging from nanotechnology to environment, aeronautics and security and also in the areas of environmental protection and medicine (See Research).
Our scientists are active in the education of students and play a leading role in the education of plasma physics at all levels from Master courses to higher education via PhDs and post-doctoral fellows (See Teaching).
We ensure research excellence via a large number of activities such as funding of breakthrough research projects and organization of events and summer schools (See Actions).
We promote our research through participation in various events and public documents and papers for the dissemination of our plasma physics research to the general public and towards industry (See Outreach).
The Plas@Par organization of events, action and follow up are defined by a steering committee of 12 members and scientific decisions are made within the scientific committee (See Organization).

This project is supported by French state funds managed by the ANR within the Investissements d’Avenir programme under reference ANR-11-IDEX-0004-02.