PERSYVAL-Lab (Pervasive systems and algorithms at the convergence of physical and digital worlds)

Based on high-level research laboratories present at Grenoble in mathematics, computer science, automatic control, signal processing, and hardware architecture, PERSYVAL-Lab promotes a holistic approach for developing an ambitious scientific program focused on four research actions conducted by small and effective integrated multi-disciplinary teams:

  • The research action Pervasive Computing Systems aims at designing distributed control strategies and algorithms for infrastructures of distributed sensors and actuators for developing methods and tools for the resource-aware design of reactive and dependable systems.
  • The research action Advanced Data Mining aims at extracting knowledge from hybrid physical-digital data coming from dynamic sensor networks or simulation environments.
  • The research action Authoring Augmented Reality aims at dynamically creating new forms of interaction and new virtual objects that enable exploring possible future physical worlds.
  • The research action Modeling and Simulating the physical world aims at better understanding and optimizing the dynamic behavior of complex computational-physical systems.
The produced results will take the form of mathematical tools, algorithms, software, devices and demonstrators. They will be gathered into a common platform that will be transversely used and fed by the actions and will serve as a showcase of PERSYVAL-Lab.