Digital and Hardware Solutions, Environmental and Organic Life Modeling

Coordinated by Université Montpellier
LabEx NUMEV was created within the greater construct of rallying the MIPS community (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Systems) around the objective of tackling organic life, health and environmental issues.

It operates in four generic domains of activity by fostering the emergence of new methods and innovative tools, and uses four integrated projects to generate applied value. These eight components almostexhaustively cover the scientific gamut of MIPS research and training activities.

LabEx-supported projects have produced remarkable scientific results, which were highlighted in high-impact publications or in valuable applications. Among these, an early pathology diagnosis method using identification, morphotype classification and cell count was discovered jointly by Montpellier Hospital and the University of Montpellier; this project is currently being incubated with the support of SATT and AxLR, two French regional funders. In the area of Genomics, RNA-sequencing software used to characterize and annotate transcriptomes, CRAC, was featured in a Nature Journal « Research Highlight » article.

LabEx also actively supports various side projects, such as research on the physics of vaso-occlusion in Sickle-cell Disease, aneurysm modeling, wood eco-design for the preservation of regional pine resources, etc.

Finally, the development new land and air observation vectors is at the heart of a professional training project within the NUMEX department of LabEx. As illustrated above, NUMEV stands at the crossroads of multi-disciplinary activities and skills, a position that makes it ideally suited to provide a powerful and effective development and structuring  tool to the MIPS scientific community.