LabEx Nano-Saclay

The 'LabEx NanoSaclay' has been selected in 2011 under the French program “Investments for the Future”. Funded for 8,5 years, it is an interdisciplinary cluster of excellence dedicated to nanosciences and nanotechnology. It is supported by local renowned research and training institutions and integrated to the Paris-Saclay University.

The LabEx NanoSaclay unifies 450 scientists (physicists, chemists and biologists) in a world-size cluster focused on interdisciplinarity and reactivity, able to address key fundamental, economic and societal issues. For the first fourth years, the scientific dynamism was organized around three 'flagship projects': (i) Quantum and spin-based nanoelectronics, (ii) Nano-drugs for the treatment of severe diseases and (iii) NanoPhotonics, nano-objects for energy control. Since early 2016, four new 'flagship projects' have been selected based on their great scientific quality:

  • NanoXitronics (AXION) : to provide large scale growth technique facilities within Paris-Saclay for electronic oxide nanostructures allowing their transfer towards applications
  • Novel concepts, nanostructured materials, devices and architectures for nanophotonics (CONDOR)
  • On Chip Quantum Optic and Quantum Simulation (ICQOQS): to use existing technologies to create innovative devices and propose new paradigms for linear optical quantum computing and quantum simulation.
  • Squalenoyl siRNA or adenosine nanoparticles: new therapeutic approaches for Charcot-Marie-Tooth 1A and brachial plexus lesions (Nanoprotection)
Furthermore, the LabEx NanoSaclay supports emerging and innovation projects that guarantee its dynamism and attractivity. It also intends to support training of the students of the Paris-Saclay University within the nanosciences issues.