Labex Mechanics and Complexity
The labex " Mechanics and Complexity " is a “Laboratory of Excellence”, that has been selected within the framework of the “Investissements d’Avenir”. It consists of a 8 years project of research / training / application in Mechanical Sciences.

Its thematic field refers to phenomena involving motion, deformation, sources and transfer,  at any scales. The systems that are addressed include solids, fluids, waves and energy sources, from the micrometric scales (blood globules) to the astronomical scales (planetary formations). Potential applications refer to aeronautics, risk management, water treatment, biomedical among others ...

In this scientific area, challenges refer to prediction, detection and the management of « complex » dynamics or organizations. Here, the term « complex » means that the evolution factors may depend on details, on rare events, or on particular interactions while nevertheless playing a decisive role on the fate of the whole system. Examples include the emergence of crisis, of catastrophs or of changes of regimes in our everyday life. One of the objectives of the Labex is to identify, manage and even master them in a number of useful situations.

The Labex involves about sixty members of the research units IRPHE, IUSTI, LMA, M2P2. It is structured on three axes whose objectives are to :

  • manage, inhibit or control the instabilities.
  • master multi-scales effects and scale
  • understand and use the specific effects of  complex fluids
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