The INFORM project is laureate of the national call ”Laboratoire d’Excellence” (Labex) of the French government in the context of the ”Investments for the Future”. It recieved a founding of 11 millions euros for  eight years.

Philosophy of the research program
The INFORM program (INformation Flow and ORganization at the Membrane) sets up an interdisciplinary consortium between 12 laboratories of biology, physics and mathematics in the Luminy campus of Aix Marseille University. 

The objective is to understand the biochemical and mechanical basis of cell signaling in a quantitative manner, both in normal and disease conditions. The project will allow scientific progress in understanding the dynamics of signaling focusing on a quantitative analysis of biological mechanisms.

For this purpose we aim at:

  • Developing innovative combinations of imaging techniques
  • Developing new tools to monitor signaling in living cells/tissues
  • Linking these models with physiological functions with a particular emphasis on development and immunology
  • Building quantitative models of signaling process that encapsulate biochemistry and mechanics
We seek to build an interdisciplinary research community through a combination of:

  • Collaborative research projects
  • Innovative training
  • International networking through workshops and seminars.
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