ICCA is an interdisciplinary research laboratory centered around the arts, culture and digital markets and their practices. Founded in 2011, ICCA ambitions to define new economic and regulatory models and to study new uses, emerging markets and changing legal frameworks, both in traditional sectors as well as the digital sphere.

ICCA teams’ research includes:
Publishing, filmmaking and audiovisual media in the digital age (forecasting and analysis of the changes caused by the digital revolution in these industries, player strategies, economic models, creators, uses, etc.).

  • Content convergence (analysis of the use of multimedia and changes in content creation processes); development of new forms of producing and distributing content on the Web 2.0.
  • Regulatory aspects of the creative industries and the Internet (analysis of the regulatory measures and requirements; legal and financial aspects; assessment).
  • Video games and education industries (analysis of the interactions between the videogame and education sectors; serious games, e-learning).
  • Contribution of the cultural economy to growth, particularly in view of incorporating the cultural industries into the creative industries. The attractiveness of certain regions (analysis of the local issues facing the cultural industries and the digital sector; employment, development, population, training).
Transdiplinary and sectors based studies in the cultural industries and artistic creation research area:

  • New Cultural businesses in the digital age
  • Developing countries
  • Issues of independence
  • Innovation and mediation
  • Economics and sociology of reputation
  • Format and content
  • Cultural industries and non-profit organization (museums, …)
  • Public Policy and regulation
ICCA brings together interdisciplinary teams from several universities in domains as diverse as sociology, economics, law, communication and education.

ICCA is also a forum promoting dialogue with professional networks and industrial actors in culture and the arts. As a leading partner and think tank,it provides analysis, expertise and forecasting.