The GaNeX is part of the 2012 laureates of the « Laboratoire d’Excellence » project call, an initiative of the French governement’s Investment Program for the Future.

GaNeX is dedicated to the study and development of the nitride semiconductors belonging to the GaN family. Todays most compound semiconductor, nitrides are currently massively used in blue, green and white LEDs, near UV lasers (blu-ray) and start to penetrate the electronics area. Other applications, in optoelectronic and electronic devices and sensors, remain to be developed, and GaNeX objective is to develop research in these domains and transfer results towards industry.

GaNeX is a national network which gathers all major academic (red) and industrial (blue) actors in nitrides. GaNeX has been created and is coordinated by CRHEA in Sophia Antipolis.

GaNeX has been allocated a total budget of nearly 10 M€ which is used to support PhD fundings, post poc positions, exploratory projects, some equipement, education projects and trainings at the master level, invited professor positions and summer schools dedicated to GaN.  A specificity of GaNeX is to encourage the national and international mobility : many PhD students are sharing their time between two laboratories among the GaNeX network and within an international collaboration (Canada, Germany, etc…). Projects and positions are selected every year by the steering committee of GaNeX from an internal call.