Sites Grenoble, Plateau de Saclay, Marseille
Searchers and Engineers
9 laboratories

  • For the development of detectors at the ultimate performances dedicated to ground based and space observations for astrophysics
  • Contribution in education and dissemination of expert knowledge related to the detection
  • Expertise of the consortium : 
    • detection principle and technology
    • characterization
    • data processing
    • instrumentation
Application domains

  • Visible, IR and mm Imagery dedicated to Astrophysics
  • Valorization for instrumentation applied to medicine, biology, environment and security
Research Examples

  • High frame rate and Low noise IR Camera
  • μ-Bolometers for sub-mm observations
    PACs/Herschel and ARTEMIS
  • KiDs for mm observations
    NIKA camera
  • Preparation of the instrumentation of next generation for ground based telescopes and space missions :
    exo-planets, YSO, CMB, adaptive optics and interferometry…
  • Curved detectors